I'm an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Until recently, my research has been mainly about semantics, ontology, probability, and evidence. But lately I have been working on philosophical issues around quantifying the impact of altruism and policy. I also write about the nature of rationality.

I teach at the graduate and undergraduate level on a wide range of areas in philosophy. I especially enjoy teaching courses that have significant practical application, so I created two new courses at Michigan: Critical Reasoning and Changing the World. (I’m currently writing an online textbook on critical reasoning—you can check it out as a guest here. Let me know if you’d like to use it in a course!)

I am also the father of four amazing kids and the husband of one amazing woman, who is a wedding florist in Ann Arbor.  

My office building, Angell Hall

My office building, Angell Hall